Piano Lessons

Lessons are structured according to each individuals needs and desires in what they want to achieve. As a teacher I hope to guide the pupil and give them direction by sharing the knowledge and experience which has helped me to reach to level I am presently at. Ultimately it is down to the pupil to follow this though and keep up regular practice in the week to make the lessons worthwhile.

I like to base my lessons on a varied approach from learning by ear, from the music itself, to include analysis of the structure, as well as methods to improve technique and dexterity with the use of exercises and scales. This will be backed up with the relevant theory which will give the foundation for learning. Depending on the length of the lesson and level of concentration of the individual I will try to spend a little time on each equally important different area which all contribute to successful playing. I can also teach you about correct posture of the hands to minimise fatigue and injury and to play most effectively, as well as proper use of the body in tone production. The biggest emphasis will be on performing the chosen pieces musically and convincingly.

I try to make lessons fun and enjoyable and to let the pupil have some say in what they wish to learn style wise. Im a believer in that if you enjoy what you are practicing you will make much bigger and faster gains, as the motivation and desire will be there. Im happy to teach just for fun but can also prepare and enter you for the graded exams and can cover all aspects of the syllabus. I can highlight any weak areas and find solutions and practice methods to overcome these. My pupils previously entered for exams (adults and children) have all achieved high marks, some as high as Distinction. I tend to use the Associated Board (ABRSM) syllabus as that is what I learnt and was taught on myself but can follow other very similar exam bodies such as the Trinity Guildhall for example. Whichever path you choose to take, all I ask is that you reciprocate my efforts as the learning process involves two people. If I feel you are not happy in some way then we will need to work through this otherwise progress may not be made.

It doesn't matter what age or level you are at or your technical ability, as long as you enjoy your playing and are making music that is the most important thing. With the right instruction and attitude you can easily accomplish your goals.

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Piano lessons from £20 per hour

Piano lessons from £20 per hour